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RANT: Pucks over Pin Ups

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Warning: ranting ahead! 

Back in January we celebrated the NHL lockout ending by taking Adri (and myself) to her first hockey game – the free scrimmages.

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She loved every second of it; the cheering, doing ‘the wave’, the junk food, it was a great time! About halfway through the game she asked me “Mommy why are we watching the boy game? Where are the girls?” This caught me completely off guard. I think I said something along the lines of “It’s just boys today, next time we’ll watch the girls game”. She agreed that as much as she loved this game, next time definitely had to be a girl game. I posted it on Facebook, beaming over my 4 year old’s blossoming ideas over equality in sports, and promptly forgot about it.

Fast forward to this morning, and Daddy and Adri are setting out for the last scrimmage game. As they’re walking out the door Adri turns to me and asks “Mommy are we watching the girl game this time?” That kid has the memory of an elephant! I told her no, that the Canucks are all boys, and she was totally baffled. Where is the girl hockey?

I was determined not to forget this time, so once Aven was down for a nap I Googled “Women’s Hockey League Vancouver”. The first 2 posts were were not relevant – young girls ice and floor hockey sites. The 3rd was what I was looking for…..kind of. It was an adult women’s hockey team, but the post was all about their pin up calender. After some serious searching, that’s all I could find. Their own tos. The “about us” is literally JUST about the calendar. There is no ticket or schedule information. Their

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Please don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against pin up calenders. Especially ones raising money for great charities to get more women playing hockey, which is an expensive sport in an already expensive city. I am all for that. The calendar is very well done and super creative – a recreation of classic hockey moments. What prompted my rant is that I want to take my little girl to a women’s hockey game, and I can’t find anywhere to do that at any sort of competitive or advanced recreational level. I can very easily buy her a calender of half naked women’s hockey players though! Every search turned up more leads to this calender, but none to tickets, stats, player info, video footage, just calendar. Is this all this team is about? What if she had (perhaps at an older age) Googled this herself? Looking for hero’s, role models, examples of people to follow should she want to play hockey herself? And the only information she can find is pin up photos. Is that all that local Women’s Hockey is good for?

Tell me – am I crazy? Am I over reacting? And for the love of Hockey – where can I get my hands on some tickets for women’s hockey? Leave a comment and let me know!!


  1. Trust a kid to ask a question I have NEVER thought of. The amazing women who go on to play for our Canadian Olympic team must start somewhere. That would be very cool if our little ones could watch some big girls kicking ass on the ice. Not in a bra. 🙂

  2. Despite the fact that I know you must be savvy on a computer, I checked it out myself. You’re absolutely right. No (easy or visible) way to buy tickets or see a schedule. Sad. I would love to take my little guy to sports representing everyone. Seems like a tough thing to come by though.

  3. Keep an eye out for womens hockey during the Olympics I’m sure your lil one will love that. Sadly all sports its rare for women to get featured as much as men. Growing up my sister’s and I loved women’s basketball, but even that is hard to come by now.

    1. I’m used to and expect (sadly) the inequality in men’s vs women’s sports, but the fact that I can’t even find a single game to buy tickets for is crazy!! And that the only press they get is when they’re half naked is shameful.

  4. Ya that’s pretty shocking! There should definitely be some actual games to accompany the pinup calendar. Good thing the Olympics are coming soon and your daughter will have some great women hockey players to admire.

  5. I had my son 2 1/2 years ago and didn’t think too much about gender roles/representation. Now I have a daughter too and have become much more aware (though why I wasn’t aware for my own sake, I cannot explain). I have been more conscious about using gender neutral job names (i.e. firefighter over fireman) and have changed some lyrics of some favourite songs to include girls (ex: Ba-ba Black Sheep: “One for the boy and girl who live down the lane” instead of just “little boy”). I think it is good your child is so young and is still aware that she wants herself represented in what she sees and experiences and enjoys. Also good for you for trying to respond to her request:)

    1. Its true, I never really thought of it for myself either – even as a big hockey fan. She constantly challenges me both in good and difficult ways.

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