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*GIVEAWAY* BabyBjörn Kitchen Products Test + Review

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No one can say that our family doesn’t know how to eat. Of all the battles I have fought with my kids, food is rarely one of them, and while I appreciate their voracious appetites, it often translates into a major post-dinner clean up effort. Both of my girls have independent streaks a mile long and wanted to feed themselves pretty much from day one. Most often my desire to foster that burgeoning independence won out over my loathing of laundry and vacuuming, but now I don’t have to make a choice between the two! 

I was so excited for the opportunity to take the BabyBjörn Kitchen Products for a test drive with my 2-year-old. While the Soft Bib wasn’t quite big enough for her, she dove right in to the Eat and Play Smock, and loved using the Baby Plate, Spoon and Cup. 

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My favourite features of the Eat and Play Smock are the incredibly soft material that allows child’s skin to breathe, the fact that it is BPA-free and that it can transition from mealtime to art time seamlessly. My 2-year-old’s favourite feature is the teddy bear on the front. 

I was completely surprised at how much difference the Baby Plate, Spoon and Cup actually made. We’ve used a ton of different child sized tableware and they are all generally the same. I sheepishly admit I was expecting more of the same from the BabyBjörn Kitchen Products but what I got was tableware that actually did what they said they were going to do. They helped my child eat and drink without spilling. My 2 year old was able to pick up food in her spoon easily and more importantly, get it to her mouth without it falling off. 

I recorded the video below the first time my 2-year-old had ever used the BabyBjörn tableware set. She’d had no practice and had never used any BabyBjörn Kitchen Products before. You can see just how easy they make mealtime! 


The Baby Plate, Spoon and Cup are all BPA-free and are designed in such a way that it is difficult to knock them over. Best of all, the Baby Plate functions as a plate and a bowl, eliminating the need for multiple products. 

Overall, the BabyBjörn Kitchen Products get a 5 star rating from me, and I wish I had discovered them sooner. Luckily for you, you can discover them now with our giveaway! Enter to win a BabyBjörn Kitchen Set including 1 Soft Bib, 1 Baby Plate and Spoon Set (includes 2 of each item), and 1 Baby Cup Set (includes 2 cups) – a retail value of over $65!

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  1. The bowl/plate looks awesome! Would love to try it!
    And Aven is too cute! 🙂

  2. The spoon and cup because I love how it looks! I love how he can’t knock it over

  3. Baby plate and spoon as it sounds very easy to use for the baby /child and easy to clean.

  4. I am most excited to try the Plate and Spoon Set because I have tried these products in other brands and have been far from satisfied. I

  5. love the baby plate and how the edges are. its easier for the baby to learn how to use a fork

  6. im excited for the plate/bowl combination because it eliminatese mess, which we all know comes with feeding kids.

  7. I like the plate and spoon. It would make letting the toddler feed himself so much easier.

  8. I think the eat and play smock is what I would like the best, save all of my baby boys clothes from getting dirty! Cut down on my laundry!

  9. I am excited to use the cup. Looks like it would be easy for my daughter to use herself.

  10. The eat and play smock. My 19 month old love to make messes so this would be perfect.

  11. I am most excited to try the Plate and Spoon Set, it would be great to use!

  12. Love the smock and the cinched sleeves are perfect so food can slime up their arms!

  13. The baby plate! because my son is constantly spilling this stuff-all the time! I have to saran wrap all my chairs so they don’t get ruined. ha

  14. I love the look of the plate. Its kind of artsy and funky, and even better if it is efficient.

  15. I love the spill proof cup…perfect for my little great granddaughters

  16. I am most excited about the plate! It’ll be great to use a plate that won’t tip!

  17. i would love to try the plate out the most! it looks very different and interesting.

  18. im excited to try the cup because i think it might actually work ! Such neat idea

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