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Building a Better Image Week: Makeover Magic #StreamTeam

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Did you know September 17-23 is Build A Better Image Week? I had no idea. I had a Netflix that feature some pretty neat makeovers so you can watch some transformations for yourselves – and maybe draw a little inspiration. 


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Popular, fashionable it-girl Cher gives a makeover to her classmate Tai and helps renovate her love life too. Eventually, Tai eclipses Cher’s social status and Cher learns a thing or two about the risks of meddling in other people’s lives .

Mean Girls

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Popular girl Regina George makes over the new girl, Cady Heron. Newly fashionable, with a new set of friends, Cady loses sight of herself and what matters most to her. The consequences of her choice catch up with her and she has to do some serious soul searching to get herself back on track. 

40 Year Old Virgin

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Well-intentioned friends try to help Andy improve his love life with hilarious and hair-raising results. This movie is obviously best suited for after the kids have gone to bed due to mature content and themes. 

Hunger Games: Catching Fire 

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Katniss receives a makeover in the Hunger Games, transformed from a simple girl from a far-away district to a political icon and leader of the resistance. Her clothing and accessories became political statements. The events of the trilogy truly changed Katniss inside and out. 

Change is scary but it can also be fun (especially if it involves retail therapy!) Happy Build A Better Image Week, and I hope you enjoy these great picks on Netflix

Disclosure: I am on the Netflix StreamTeam and they provide incentives to share our viewing habits with my readers, however all opinions are my own. 

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