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Trampoline Games For Every Season

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The leaves are changing colour, and the air is getting colder. All the signs are there that the seasons are changing and summer is definitely over. That means it’s time to pack up the trampoline, right? WRONG! 

I am so happy that I can send my kids out to play on our Springfree™ trampoline year round! It gets them out of the house and burning energy. They stop fighting and give me some much needed peace and quiet. Sometimes I even get enough time to sit down with a hot cup of coffee. Heaven right?!

My kids are pretty creative in coming up with fun games they can play, so we thought we’d share our favourites with you!    

Year Round Trampoline Games 


  • “Skateboarding” – This game my girls invented, with cardboard boxes from the recycling, especially those with one side that is shiny and smooth. They deconstruct the box until it is flat, and lay it in the middle of the trampoline, shine side down. They go to the edge of the trampoline and them run and jump on the box. My oldest will stay on her feet, sliding along like she’s skateboarding or surfing. My youngest does a belly flop and slides along this way. 
  • Leaf Pile Up – Don’t let all those big leaves go to waste! You can get your kids to clean up all in the name of fun! Have them gather all the leaves that fall around your yard and pile them up on the trampoline. They will have hours of fun jumping into them and piling them up again. The net keeps them all relatively in place so it’s not too much work to do again and again. 


  • Snowman Stomp – The trampoline surface is the perfect place to build your snowman family, and then stomp them with big jumps! My girls love this one, but beware – all parties need to be in agreement about when and where the stomping happens to avoid hurt feelings.
  • Basket SNOWball – Springfree Trampolines have the FlexrHoop basketball net and ball as optional accessories, and our girls love them. In the winter you can change the game up a bit slam dunking snowballs! 


  • Puddle Jumping – Puddle jumping on the sidewalk has long been a favourite pastime with my girls, so we decided to bring the fun to the trampoline! Whether it’s in the middle of a downpour, or after the rain has subsided, they’ll be out there soaking wet, and seeing who can get the biggest splash! 
  • Star Gazing – The trampoline isn’t just for the kids, grown ups can use it to! While my husband likes to jump around with the girls, injuries prevent me from doing that, so I look for other ways to enjoy it. During the last meteor shower we had, we discovered just how perfect it was for snuggling under a blanket and watching the stars go by. 



    • Poisonous Stuffies – There have been many variations of “Poisonous ________” games that I’ve come across. My girls like to play it with stuffies! The point of the game is to fill up the trampoline with stuffies, and then jump, trying not to let them touch you. If they do, you’re out. Needless to say, the more stuffies, the more difficult it is. Check out the live demonstration below!

  • Sprinkler – What better way to cool off on a hot summer day then by turning on the sprinkler under the trampoline and jumping through the cool spray? All you need is a bathing suit and some sunscreen and you’re ready to go! Turn off the sprinkler and you can keep jumping until you’re dry. 
  • Water Balloon Pop – A variation on the “getting wet” theme, this game involves filling up the trampoline surface with water balloons. Then you can either compete to see who can pop the most balloons, or alternatively, who can stay the driest. 
  • Sleep Overs – The very first thing my girls asked when we got the trampoline was if they could camp out on the trampoline. All you need are some sleeping bags or warm blankets and a few flashlights for a night full of fun! 
  • Movie Nights – Outdoor movies are somehow so much more fun than indoor movies, and your trampoline lends itself perfectly to this set up. I love this DIY outdoor movie tutorial on the Springfree blog.

Any Season

  • tgoma – This is one of the coolest features of our Springfree trampoline. The trampoline mat has sensors installed that connect via bluetooth to the tgoma app on your iPad or tablet that hangs from a special holder inside the trampoline. There are a number of games that kids can play including the educational Math Hopper and the super silly Alien Stomp that get your kids moving, and keeps the engaged for longer. With our family, we find this feature is most used when only one child is jumping. They would normally get bored quickly on their own, but the tgoma keeps them jumping and learning! 

tgoma trampoline games

  • Basketball – I mentioned earlier how much my girls love the FlexrHoop on the trampoline, and it’s true! Surprisingly, it’s great for a wide variety of ages. My oldest (at 8), loves to see how much air she can get before slam dunking the ball into the hoop. My youngest (3), shocked us all with a wickedly accurate 3 point shot. This is probably the most used feature on the trampoline.


  • Popcorn – An oldie but a goodie. You can’t jump on a trampoline without playing a game of popcorn at least once! If you’re unfamiliar with the game, one person sits in the middle, hugging their knees to their chest. The other jumpers jump around, trying to bounce the person into letting go of their knees and “popping” out. 

While all of these trampoline games centre around kids, fun on the trampoline isn’t just for the young. I’m not able to jump due to injuries, but my husband has a blast playing with the kids. The tgoma system also has fitness activities to help you get & stay fit too!


Our Springfree Trampoline really is a sanity saver. I’m glad that it isn’t restricted to a summer-only activity and that our kids can jump year round! With minimal winter maintenance, your trampoline can last through ever season for years to come. 

All on the table disclosure: I am proud to partner with Springfree Trampolines to bring you this blog post. While I did receive free or discounted products/services, the opinions on this blog are my own, and I would never share anything less than stellar with all my fave readers! See full disclosure here.

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