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Stages of Holiday Hosting

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Whenever I get into the festive spirit, I start thinking about how much fun it would be to host a holiday party. Time spent with family and friends, showing off my culinary prowess, festive music and fancy holiday décor. I set a date and start inviting friends, eager to be reunited with those I haven’t seen in a while. Then, I hang up the phone and the rollercoaster of holiday hosting related feelings begins.


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When was the last time we cleaned behind THERE? People are going to think we are pigs. We must leave no evidence we reside here the rest of the year – and definitely none that we have children. I’m channeling my very best Better Homes And Garden cover shoot. 


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Great care is taken to select recipes for the holiday party that will delight and inspire. A grocery list is made which sorts ingredients geographically in the order in which they will be encountered in the store. It is left on the counter on shopping day and I am forced to shop from memory (which never ends well.) It’s like Jeopardy but with brie and puffed pastry.


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When it’s time to get the house all pretty for the party, of course the kids want to join in. I have to suppress my urge to keep things “just so” and praise their creative efforts with maternal warmth even if I question the wisdom of their tinsel distribution methods.

Ultimately, I know everything’s going to be ok. My friends and family love me and I don’t need to impress anyone. They came to enjoy the holiday season and celebrate another successful year. They know we live here and that I’m also not Martha Stewart so there’s really no need to panic about anything but where all the tinsel ended up.

When you’re hosting your party, you don’t have anything to worry about either. All you have to do is pop by your local Metro to get everything you need to make your party a success. They probably even have tinsel. Just remember your list – don’t be like me.

This post was sponsored by our friends at Metro but all opinions (and Pinterest fails) are mine. I wouldn’t tell you about anything I didn’t think was awesome.  

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