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Powder and Pizza: A Grouse Mountain Ski Wee Review

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Grouse Mountain Y2Play Pass - Ski Wee School

My 5-year-old loves being active, and has yet to meet a sport she doesn’t like so when we had the opportunity to test out Grouse Mountain Resort’s Ski Wee Lessons over spring break, we jumped at the chance! I was especially keen for her to learn from their professional instructors given that my only skiing experiences occurred on the “mountains” of Ontario, and to this day it is a miracle if my skis don’t cross.

Our adventure started bright and early on a spectacular, sunny Sunday morning. We boarded the SkyRide to bring us up to the chalet, and were treated to a gorgeous view that stretched as far as the eye could see. Adri had blast looking out the windows and finding all the wildlife she could spot. The ride is a mini adventure in and of itself, and a fun way to start off our day on the mountain!

Y2Play Pass Grouse Mountain Ski Wee Bowl
Grouse Mountain Ski Wee Bowl

Once we reached the top, we were met by our sunflower waving guides who pointed us in the direction of the sleigh – yes I said sleigh – that we got to ride over the crest to the Ski Wee Bowl where the lessons take place. The quick 5 minute ride pulled us past the skating rink that was just being cleared, and through the snow covered trees. It was the second fun adventure of the morning and the skiing hadn’t even started.

Grouse Mountain Resort Ski Wee School Gear
All geared up!

Having arrived at our destination, Adri was fitted for boots, skis, a helmet, and they even threw in some goggles given how brilliantly sunny it was. They started off the lesson with some group activities before dividing them up according to skill level. I was really happy to see my ‘never been on skis’ munchkin was with just one other little guy and their instructor so she got tons of one on one learning! Parents aren’t allowed to stay past the warm up activities as children are often more focused (and, lets face it, better behaved) with Mom and Dad out of the picture.

Grouse Mountain Ski Wee School
Grouse Mountain Ski Wee School

I hiked back over to the chalet and enjoyed some me time with a coffee and amazingly delicious breakfast sandwich, and arrived back within the 15-30 minute window at the end that they recommend to see her last runs. I was completely blown away that in 3 short hours, my first time skier was able to ski down the gentle slope of the Ski Wee bowl, not only without falling down, but also with excellent “pizza” form in order to come to a stop at the bottom! She confidently rode up the ‘magic carpet’ flat, escalator-style lift to the top of the hill and away she went again.

Grouse Mountain Ski Wee School Slope
Made it halfway down and through the “tunnel”

I figured that after 3 hours of skiing, with only a short snack and break that they provide in the middle, Adri would be exhausted and ready to go home. Much to my surprise, she was gung-ho when they told us that we were welcome to stay and continue to practice what she had learned. I’m that she’ll be slaloming in no time!

Grouse Mountain Resort Banner - Y2Play Pass

From start to finish, it was an exceptional experience and Adri is already asking me when we are going back. Luckily Grouse Mountain is now offering their Y2Play pass, which starts at just $29 for children 4 and under. The Y2Play pass is good not only for the remainder of the current ski season, but the entire 2014/2015 season and has a ton of extras like one time rentals, food credits and a variety of other discounts. There are so many awesome flexible family friendly options including the Parent Pass and Family Pass that there is a fit for everyone! Given that the pass pays for itself in just 5 visits, it is no surprise that it is already 80% sold out, so don’t wait – grab yours today! Maybe we’ll see you up there – I’ll be the one tripping over my skis while my tiny snow bunny runs circles around me.

All on the table disclaimer: While I did receive free or discounted products/services, all opinions are completely honest and totally my own and you know I would never share anything less than superbly stellar with all my fave readers!

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