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Family Movie Night

Family Movie Nights are a Friday tradition that we rarely miss. We’ve perfected the art over the years as our family has grown, and now I have the perfect Movie Night recipe for you to enjoy with your family. 


  • Living room friendly dinner
  • Spill-proof cups
  • Lots of blankets, pillows and cushions
  • Movie everyone can agree on


Step 1: Choose and prepare dinner menu that is conducive to eating in the living room. It’s not a movie night if you don’t get to eat your dinner while you watch! 

Step 2: Be sure to serve your beverages in spill-proof cups! If you have carpet like we do, nothing derails a movie night after than a spill (or 3). 

Step 3: Gather all the blankets, pillows and cushions you need to create a cozy nest. Keeping steps 1 & 2 in mind, use some of the blankets for a base layer to catch wayward food & drink. In our house, the adults tend to curl up on the couches while the munchkins snuggle up in their bean bag chairs. 

Step 4: This is the hardest step, finding something everyone can agree on. Our 7 year old gravitates to live action movies, while our 3 year old quickly bores of most of them. We try to switch it up between animated and live, occasionally throwing in something the adults really like too! Below is a list of tried and true favourites. 

Family Movie Night Favourites

Movie Night Alvin and the chipmunks on Netflix

1. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Movie Night How to train your dragon on Netflix

2. How to Train Your Dragon

Movie Night Home on Netflix

3. Home

 Movie Night Inside Out on Netflix

4. Inside Out 

Movie Night Mr Peabody on Netflix

5. Mr Peabody & Sherman

Movie Night Penguins on Netflix

6. Penguins of Madagascar 

Movie Night Disney Shorts on Netflix

7. Disney’s Short Films


That’s our recipe for an awesome Family Movie Night! Tell me, what does movie night look like in your house? Which titles should we add to our “must watch” list? 

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