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A Letter to my Daughter on her 3rd Birthday

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A Letter to my daughter on her 3rd birthday

Dear Aven,

It’s early in the morning on your birthday and we’ve already had tears. Bumped heads and squabbles with your sister are par for the course but it seems like they should have no place on your birthday, so let me show you the big picture that I see. 

I see your love. Beyond the outbursts that come with learning self control, I see your love for you family and friends. It’s in little glimpses of thoughtfulness when you share a special toy with your sister, even when she won’t share back. Tenderness when a friend is hurt and you offer comfort. I see affection when you snuggle up in bed at some ungodly hour and shower me with kisses and snuggles and bright smiles. These are the moments I live for. 

Letter to my daughter

I see your cheeky confidence. You may be initially reserved in new situations, but most of the time you go through life with a mischievous glint in your eye and a sneaky grin on your face. Where your big sister is a mastermind, orchestrating mayhem behind the scenes, you are the one to badly go wherever you want, and do whatever you want, without a care about the rules, or what other people think. You are comfortable in your skin as most 3 year olds are, and I desperately hope this is a trait that sticks with you as you grow. It will get you in to trouble, but ultimately serve you well. 

Letter to my daughter - cheeky

I see your joy for life. Whether expressed in a song sung at the top of your lungs, a deep, contagious belly laugh, or a parade down the street at top speed in a pirate costume complete with tutu, you choose joy more often than not. You experience things fully, and bring everyone around you along for the ride. There is no halfway for you, no middle of the road. You remind me so much of your Papa in this way, it’s a bit scary. 

letter to my daughter joy


Some days it can be hard to see past the tears and tantrums, so I write this letter as a reminder to myself when my patience and grace are failing. I write it for you too, so when you’re able to read this on your own, you can see yourself the way I see you. 

Happy Birthday Aven, I love you. 

Love, Mama.


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