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Finding the Language Balance for your French Immersion Child

Heather van Mil2 comments2764 views
My Little Readers

This is my daughters 3rd month using Ooka Island and Im amazed at the progress Ive seen in her English reading. Her interest in reading books has grown and her recognition of English diphthongs is considerably quicker. Shes started reading signs when were out and about, and doesnt automatically sound things out with French phonetics – she studies it a bit and you can see her playing around with the sounds in her head to see which language makes most sense. Its the cutest thing! 

My Little Readers

In case youre just tuning in (you can catch up here), Ooka Island is a game based reading program designed to help children become confident readers, built on 25 years of research and scientifically proven teaching methods. Each subscription provides all-inclusive access to 1000’s of educational games and 85 eBooks wrapped in a 24-level adventure. Ooka Island is available now for the web and iOS, so kids PreK to Grade 2 (and beyond if English is a second language) can play and learn anywhere.

I love how intuitive Ooka Island is, sometimes it’s like theyre in my kids head! My oldest went though a week or so where it seemed like she wasnt as interested in using the program, and just when I start to worry, she moved up to a new level with new games and is so excited again. They really tailor it to the child’s progress and ability and Im as excited as my daughters are to see what new and fun things are coming up. 

Playing Ooka Island

After such amazing progress in only a short while, I cant wait to see where her English reading and writing are at once shes completed the full program. Ive recommended Ooka Island not only to everyone who has read this blog series, but to many of my personal friends who have started to use it and theyre loving it just as much as we do. There is nothing better than getting introduced to something so fun and knowing it will help so many people! 

If you know someone who would love Ooka Island; your child or grandchild, other relatives or friends, have I got a giveaway for you! Use the rafflecopter entry form below for your chance to win 1 of 2 Ooka Island 1 year memberships! Now Im sure you have more than 1 person on your list that you would love to give such a great gift to, so be sure to wrap it up for someone special this holiday season. You can tuck a membership into their favourite book, or give them the full Ooka treatment with a membership plus an Ooka library containing 11 colourful books. Either way, giving the gift of reading is a gift that lasts a lifetime! 

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  1. This is a little bit dumb. 😛 But I couldn’t find the app in the Google play store when I search for ooka Island. What should I search for?

    1. Not a dumb question at all! According to their website, it is available on windows and iOS devices currently, and coming to Android (which I believe includes Google play store) soon. I hope that helps? If not, I’m happy to connect you directly with their amazing tech support team.

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