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5 Helpful Hints for Running in Vancouver

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So I completed Day 1 of Couch 2 5K today, and I’m feeling pretty damn proud! Despite my novice status, I feel this qualifies me to offer some helpful hints to runners, beginner or marathon junkie. In my short 20 minute jaunt, I quickly took note of things that I would do differently for the next run (assuming there will be one).

1. Invest in high quality footwear. Preferably some sort of sneaker/rainboot hybrid that will prevent your feet from becoming damp, cold and smelling of squished worms.

2. Wear a hat with a brim. Or better yet, one with a built in umbrella that keeps the driving rain from plastering your hair to your head (and dripping down your neck), running off the end of your nose (at lease I think that was the rain), and generally rendering you incapable of running, or seeing for that matter.

3. Avoid hilly terrain. This one is specifically for us novice runners. I mean is it too much to ask that there be some flat areas on the side of a mountain? I’m trying to start running for pete’s sake – cut me some slack. I can barely crawl up a 40 degree incline, forget about run!

4. Waterproof everything. Particularly valuables like your headphones and mobile, no matter how much you loath that voice encouraging you to “begin running now”.

5. Run in the dark. It hides a multitude of sins, including, but not limited to bright red, sweaty face, desperate gasps for air, the frantic look in your eyes when you hear the cheery voice say “you’re halfway done!”, clothes that ride up and/or fall down, not to mention the running technique perfected by watching Friends reruns. Also less cars on the street to shower you as they drive through the lakes puddles.

Despite the soggy start, I’m not discouraged. I figure if I can run in the dark in the pouring rain and live to tell the tale, then it’s all downhill from there (hopefully literally)! Stay tuned for more tales from the trenches as I get the hang of this running thing.

Are you a runner? What do you love/hate? 

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